Monday, May 2, 2011

New Look, New Beginnings has a brand new look and great new things to offer. We are excited about the makeover and have new products on the horizon. Our rain cuffs are ready to roll available in 4 great colors and just in time for rainy season. Karma-Grams are now available in a package set of karma-grams, lunch-grams, love-grams and wish-grams. This makes a great gift for you or someone else because it keeps on giving. 26 cards total make it possible to send good grams to everyone you love. I love creating new brands and products and the two that are on the horizon have me totally excited. I can't wait to show them both to everyone! Soon!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Yak about US

Rain Cuffs were featured this week on, a cool site that showcases unique inventions. It was so great of them to include us. Here is the link.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Exciting Goodness

Here is a peek at what we will be part of next week. I am beyond honored to have been selected to be a luminary on So grateful to be included!

Monday, March 28, 2011


Darcee Matlen is well on her way to becoming an empire.

The West Bloomfield mom and former fashion-design student began looking for a creative outlet after her first son was born in 2007; and she hit pay dirt quickly with the introduction of her Bestie Buds friendship necklace sets through her website,

Taylor Swift, Dakota Fanning and Gwyneth’s daughter, Apple, reportedly share the ice cream and cake, Pop Tart and milk, and peanut butter and jelly trinkets with their besties. Since then, Matlen’s added finds created by other artists to her line (check it out for whimsical bags, tees, bibs and jewelry, like these owl earrings, shown).

And just this January, Matlen said, she introduced her own line, Send good karma, lunch grams (stick a sweet note in your kids’ lunchbox), love grams, wish grams and more with the
postcard packs of six to eight, replete with karma confetti to sprinkle inside the envelope. Namaste.

Items available at